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Recharge the Battery is making headlines!



Uncertain Future for the Battery Street Tunnel in Belltown. 

The Urbanist (January 2018)

Help Recharge the Battery Street Tunnel

The Seattle Times (January 2018)

Of Seattle Tunnels and 'Ghost Jaguars': sense makes a comeback

The Seattle Times (January 2018)

Ideas for revamping old tunnel run through Seattle’s blind spot

The Seattle Times (January 2018)

What should happen to Seattle's Battery Street Tunnel?

The Architects Newspaper (December 2017)

Seattle votes to tear down a highway, but designers see valuable public space

Next City (December 2017)

120,000 Square Feet in the Heart of Seattle Is Set to Disappear

Seattle Transit Blog (December 2017)

When can Public Infrastructure be Repurposed?

Crosscut (November 2017) 

Mushroom farm? Park? Oh, the possibilities for this Seattle tunnel

Kiro 7 (November 2017) 

From public bath house to ice rink: Artists want to use Battery Street Tunnel

770 KTTH (November 2017)  

Plenty of dopey ideas for Seattle’s Battery Street Tunnel

Seattle PI (March 2017)

Hundreds walk through the Battery Street Tunnel

Komo News (March 2017) 

Hundreds attend Battery Street Tunnel walk-through

Seattle Bike Blog (March 2017)

Walk through the Battery Street Tunnel + What will be its legacy in our city?


Please share your ideas with Recharge the Battery!!

Recharge the Battery is reaching out for ideas, suggestions, and/or stories which might inspire possibilities beyond the ordinary for our Battery Street Tunnel!

No idea is too big or too small.
No idea is too outrageous or too practical.
No idea is too specific or too vague

ALL ideas all welcome and EVERYONE is invited to participate!!