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Below is a list of past, present, and future Recharge the Battery (RTB) events, each designed to share experiences and information about the Battery Street Tunnel.  We hope that you have enjoyed some of our events which have already taken place and we look forward to seeing you an upcoming event soon!  Please also check our Facebook page for further details. 

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99 Step Forward

February, 2019

WSDOT is coordinating a series of SR99 Tunnel, Viaduct, and Battery Street Tunnel events in February to celebrate the opening of deep-bore tunnel and the start of the viaduct demolition (information here)

RTB Pop-up Gallery

December, 2017

Our pop-up gallery at 2523 First Avenue is an exhibition to showcase Recharge the Battery submissions, as well as past, present, and future images and motion video traveling through the Battery Street Tunnel. 

battery street now or never

December, 2017

Recharge the Battery and Design in Public co-hosted an evening of moderated discussion and public conversation about the Battery Street Tunnel at the Seattle Center for Architecture & Design.


Battery Block Party

September, 2018

An encore Block Party event designed to activate Battery Street in partnership with the Seattle Design Festival featuring a series of Block Party installations—in conjunction with On the Battery

Belltown 2020

September, 2018

An evening of friendly conversation, public presentations, and visual exhibitions to share the comprehensive vision for Belltown2020—in conjunction with On the Battery


City Council Hearing

March, 2018

On March 26, 2018 City Council voted (7-2) to fill the Battery Street Tunnel. with inorganic debris. This plan will create a 7-block "dead zone,” without a single tree or bicycle or pedestrian amenity.


battery walk and talk

December, 2017

Recharge the Battery invited the community to walk along Battery Street and talk about the history of the tunnel and the future possibilities for the Battery Street Tunnel.


Belltown Art Walk

December, 2017

Photos of the Battery Street Tunnel and Recharge the Battery Idea submissions tunnel highlighted at the Belltown Community Center, part of the Belltown Art Walk. 


September, 2017

View some initial public ideas and possibilities for the future of the Battery Street Tunnel shaped by Seattle-area residents, sponsored by the Downtown Seattle Association.


RTB Ideas Exhibition

September, 2017

The Recharge the Battery Ideas Exhibition celebrated the legacy of Battery Street Tunnel and showcased 40+ ideas to inspire community support for conserving the Battery Street Tunnel, hosted by Block 41


September, 2017

Recharge the Battery invited the Seattle community to share a walk along Battery Street to visualize the possibilities for the future of the Battery Street Tunnel, in collaboration with Seattle Design Festival


March, 2017

Walk the Battery invited the Seattle community into the Battery Street Tunnel to share a unique walking experience through a piece of Seattle's infrastructural history and to initiate a conversation about the Tunnel's future.


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