Project Team

Aaron Asis

Aaron Asis is a New York based artist whose work is focused on promoting spatial awareness – at the intersection of city agency, public engagement, and physical access.  Aaron is the creator of the b’End Tunnel Initiative, a public art plan to celebrate the Battery Street Tunnel, and is a co-founder of Recharge the Battery.

Jon Kiehnau

Jon Kiehnau is a Belltown community resident and advocate of repurposing the Battery Street Tunnel as green infrastructure to reclaim stormwater for irrigation and reduce polluted runoff into Elliott Bay. Jon is a founding board member of Project Belltown, co-host of Water Bootcamp, and a co-founder of Recharge the Battery.

Tina Sigurdson

Tina Sigurdson is an attorney and advocate who empowers charitable organizations to effectively advance their missions.  Recently returned to the Seattle area from Washington, DC, she is enjoying the opportunity to reconnect with the wonderful people and places of the Pacific Northwest.

Erica Bush

Erica Bush is a Seattle based urban designer and artist trying to transform challenged public spaces to benefit the communities that surround them. Erica works for the Downtown Seattle Association, which looks to the community to inspire public decision making and supports the Recharge the Battery initiative.

Tim Halloran

Tim Halloran is a former museum designer turned startup marketing executive who is passionate about urban planning, art and architecture. Tim has been a Seattle area resident for over 18 years and currently lives in a historic building in Belltown.

Aubrey Davidson

Aubrey Davidson is the RTB web designer, an architect, avid cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast. Originally from Wisconsin, she has become enamored with adventuring in and around Seattle. Her current interests lie where architecture, landscape, and urbanism meet, in higher education, and in the installation scale.


Advisory Committee


Buster Simpson is an internationally recognized Sculptor and Environmental Artist based in Seattle.  Buster is a pioneer of urban eco art typically working directly in the landscape rather than in museums and galleries.


Lyle Bicknell is the Principal Urban Designer for the City of Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development.  Lyle's focus is on promoting urban design excellence throughout the built environment.  


Steve Hall is an environmental consultant with more than 20 years experience working with the Washington State Environmental Policy Act.  Steve is also Friends of Historic Belltown's environmental, regulatory and land use planning specialist. 


Kristen Ramirez is a Art & Enhancement Project Manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation.  Kristen manages public art projects with SDOT’s 1% for Art funds and serves as artist in residence to SDOT on various projects in the right of way.


Jeff Hou is a Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington.  Jeff's research and practice examines the agency and power of individuals and communities in shaping urban spaces.

Paul Crane ASLA

Paul Crane is a Landscape Architect and long time Seattle resident.  Paul has been on the Allied Arts Board for over 10 years and brings a long history of experience in great place making, advocacy for the arts and historic preservation to the team.


Rick Browning is a registered architect, urban designer, and activist.  Rick has decades of project experience and has worked extensively with safety and emergency service design for the SR-99 Battery Street Tunnel. 


Terese Clark is a Seattle Native who is passionate about empowering communities to build dynamic interactive public spaces. Her company Tstreet produces engaging artworks that encourage human connection and positive social change.


Jane Savard is an Attorney in the corporate legal department of a Fortune 100 company.  Jane lives, organizes, and creates art with a long term goal of bringing art to the alleyways of Belltown.  

Ryan Hendryx AIA

Ryan Hendryx is a Seattle-based designer committed to advancing the field of architecture by leveraging constraints into opportunities. Ryan resides in Belltown and holds a Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Design, and Certificate in Digital Design & Fabrication. 


Dan Temkin is a co-founded of Burr & Temkin an Industrial and commercial real estate investment and development in Seattle.  Dan is also the owner of Block41, an event and exhibition space in the heart of Belltown. 


Jerry Meyer is a senior housing owner/operator and active Belltown neighborhood resident. Jerry hold a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning.


Nina Zingale is an artist, art consultant and active Belltown neighborhood resident.  Nina holds a Master Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Washington.


Carolyn Geise is a Principal Geise Architects and Founder of Growing Vine Street. In a career combining special achievements as an architect, as a developer, and as a community organizer, Carolyn has exemplified ideals of ethical practice and service to society.


Jackie Swart is a Seattle native and active Belltown neighborhood resident.  Jackie has a strong connection to the history of Seattle and an invested interest in the future of the Belltown Community.


Don Carlson is founding principal of Carlson Architectural Works in Seattle.  Don is a has worked on educational, civic, residential, and commercial projects as well as engaging in campus master planning, town center planning and urban design.


Drew Gangnes is a Partner and Director of Civil Engineering Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA).  Drew is focused on holistic, sensitive site design, bringing ecological, and restorative engineering techniques to projects ranging in size from small urban infill developments to large campus sites. 


Jennifer Guthrie is a founding partner of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, a Seattle based Landscape Architecture Firm Jennifer's work ranges broadly, encompassing urban districts of green streets and mixed-use housing, public squares, rooftop gardens, urban farms, and cultural institutions. 


Debra Guenther is a partner and landscape architect at Mithun.  Deb is committed to connecting people with their surroundings and is a regular contributor to conversations on equity, resilience and climate change.



Friends of Historic Belltown

Friends of Historic Belltown is a community-based, non-profit working to preserve and promote the character that makes Belltown a wonderful and authentic place

Miller Hull Partnership

At the heart of our work is a connection to the power of natural surroundings. Our legacy of environmentally responsible work is inspired by the efficiency and elegance of passive systems and regional materials. 

Growing Vine Street

Growing Vine Street turns eight-block length of Vine Street in Seattle into an urban watershed and street park in the Belltown neighborhood just outside of downtown.

Downtown Seattle Association

The Downtown Seattle Association's mission is to create a healthy, vibrant downtown, and ensure a safe, clean and inviting urban experience for workers, residents, and visitors.

Design in Public

Design in Public celebrates all the ways that design makes life better for Seattle, by supporting imagination, vision, and participation in the creation of our public realm. 

Block 41

Block 41 is located in the heart of Belltown and offers three discrete indoor spaces on two levels is an impeccably renovated 1927 former ice warehouse.

Seattle Design Festival

The Seattle Design Festival invites designers, community members, and city officials to celebrate how design improves the quality of our lives and our community.

Bellwether Housing

Bellwether Housing supports supports stability, guided by attention to environmental sustainability, social equity, and inclusion and innovation. 

Seattle parks foundation

Seattle Parks Foundation supports networks of community, philanthropic, and public-sector partners to create and sustain a system of public spaces throughout Seattle.  They are serving as the Fiscal Sponsor for Recharge the Battery


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